Thursday, January 26, 2012

Near Death Experience

The combination of these boots:

And this hill:

Almost took my life. 

Story: I got out of class at 6:30 on January 22, 2012. When I walked outside I found snow now covered the sidewalk, grass, everything (background: the bottom of my boots are as smooth as silk, there is literally zero tred). As I started walking I carefully would place each foot firmly in front of the other to keep the chances of slipping to a minimum. Everything was going pretty smoothly until I reached THE HILL (obviously the hill right by the Clyde Building). I began to slip the second I started down the hill. Every time I put my foot down it would immediately move somewhere else. Then I saw someone walking next to the sidewalk. For some reason I thought that it looked like a good idea. My train of thought went something like this: they aren't slipping (well neither were all of the normal people walking on the sidewalk), maybe the snow covered grass provides more traction? This was a bad train of thought...As I began walking next to the sidewalk (on a slope) I immediately just began slipping right back towards the sidewalk. By this point the people around me were not even concealing their laughter, and i cannot blame them. My next idea was to walk close to the fence so if I needed to I could grab on to prevent myself from actually falling down. This idea idea just gave me whiplash. I decided to go back to my original plan, firmly placing one foot in front of the other (kind of shuffling). At this poing I have made it about tenish feet down the hill. Then, I lose all control. I slide down the remaining tenish feet. I get to the end of the hill and can't stop. This is an even bigger problem because there is a construction zone at the bottom of the hill, marked off my yellow construction tape. As I approach the tape I realize that the only way I am going to stay on my feet is if I lift up the tape and slide under, so that is just what I did. I went under the tape, off the curb, and into the street. Since the street was not as snowy I FINALLY came to a stop. Everyone around me began clapping (I mean I did stay on my feet the whole time, quite impressive). It was humiliating. Those boots are officially retired until the snow is gone.



  1. I don't know you but I had to comment. I fell down the stairs by the RB once...when they WEREN'T snow covered. I fell really far, too, and nobody clapped for my spectacular landing. I did, however, hear a LOT of laughter.

  2. 10 points for not falling!! Good writing! I can totally picture it! Funny! And sad! Glad you are blogging again!