Friday, February 20, 2015


Swinter:: a very springy and warm winter. 

This winter has been more like spring and we are loving it {knock on wood}! I was so worried about being cooped up inside all winter with a baby boy that LOVES being outside. We have been filling our days by going to the park, on lots of walks and just playing outside as much as we can. 

In the winter. 

In northern Utah. 

I just still can't get over it. Here's hoping it stays this way!

One Year

Jackson turned one!  {about 6 months ago....}
WARNING:: Sappy mom post...

The first year of Jackson's life was the hardest, and hands down the best year of my life. It was filled with sleepless nights, He is seriously such a joy. I never knew that I could love one tiny human so much. It is so magical to see everything for the first time through his eyes. 

I will let the pictures do the talking {because there is just no way to catch up on a years worth of writing}.


Happy Birthday baby boy.
We sure love you.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

{Jackson Reid McArthur}

Yes... it has been well over a year since I have posted. I am hoping I can make this more of a habit. There is no way to catch up, so I am just going to focus on the most important update in our lives. We had a baby! I am getting ahead of my self, let me start from the beginning.

WARNING:: This will probably be a novel, but I want it documented. Sorry.

I had been wanting to have a baby for awhile, but things were just not working out. I had graduated and lost my BYU health insurance and there was just not really a way we could make it work. Finally, in November I got offered a full-time job with insurance! We decided to start trying (which is a much more emotional process than I thought it would be - I thought I hated getting my period before (TMI?), but this was a whole new experience - poor Brady). I was not handling all of the negative pregnancy tests very well, so I decided not to take another test until I was at least five days late. February 3rd was the day I was finally 5 days late, so of course at about 3AM I couldn't wait another moment. I ran and got the test and it was positive! I woke Brady up to tell him the news (I was wayyy to excited (and lazy?) to be one of those cute wives that tells everyone in some creative way). He was really excited - and then fell back asleep like one minute later. Later that day we took a million more tests, and then went out to dinner to celebrate.

At around 19 weeks we got to find out the gender. We were both thought we were having a girl, but we were wrong! We were having a boy and were so exciting we hit the stores in search of boy clothes right away.

I had a pretty rough pregnancy full of high blood pressure, a 24-hour urine test, follow-up ultrasounds, 3-hour glucose test, weekly stress tests and ultrasounds to check my amniotic fluid the last couple of weeks, and LOTS of swelling (hence the lack of pregnancy pictures). I will spare you the details, but here are the few pictures we have::

By thirty-seven weeks I was so uncomfortable and ready to be done. We decided to take that weekend to clean and get everything ready for the baby, pack a hospital bag and go on long walks. I had my doctors appointment and had not progressed as much as I had hoped. I was hoping to have the baby early because my mom was wanting to go to Germany with my dad, and we obviously needed to make it down to the St. George Marathon, which was one day before my due date. The doctor told me not to get my hopes up, because about 70% of first time moms do not go into labor before their due date. After my appointment I went and got my weekly stress test and my fluid was really low ( if it was any lower they would have had to induce me right away) so I went home with a list of symptoms to watch for, and extremely stressed.

I woke up that night feeling almost light period cramps (37 weeks and 2 days). I, of course, went to google immediately, but couldn't find much. They were close together, but not that painful so I just thought it was a weird pregnancy thing. I woke Brady up and we started timing them. They were about three minutes apart, but again not painful so I called the hospital to see what we should do. They told me that it probably was not active labor unless I couldn't walk or talk through them. So I just laid in bed for a little longer. They started getting a little more painful and I threw up so I decided to call my mom. She told me that I was in labor and should go to the hospital right away. Brady just kept saying "Are you sure? But you can still walk and talk!" We decided to trust my mom, grabbed our stuff, and headed to the hospital. On the way my contractions started getting very intense and knew that we were going to have a baby that day. When we got to the hospital, at around 7:30AM, they did a test to see if my water had broke, it had, which was surprising because out of 10 pregnancies in my immediate family this had never happened. They suspected it had been leaking for awhile, which is why my fluid was so low the day before. She confirmed what I already knew, September 17th was the day.

We were moved into the room I would deliver in and I was hooked up to all of the monitors. The rest happened so fast that it is a little bit of a blur, but I will do my best. I wanted an epidural, but had to get a blood test done before since I had high blood pressure. By the time I got an epidural I was already at a 7 (and dying!) and progressing very fast. They checked me a half hour later and I was at a 10. They said that I should wait about an hour before pushing and it would make it easier, but about 20 minutes later there was so much pressure I knew it was time. The nurse came in because Jackson's heart rate was dropping and they had to put another monitor directly on his head. After about two and a half contractions he was out at 10:19AM.

As soon as I saw him I knew something was wrong. He was floppy and blue. The doctor immediately cut his cord and called in a NICU nurse. They took him to the side of the room to try and get him breathing. After about a minute I finally heard him cry and got to hold my precious baby. The nurse that handed him to me made a comment about how amazing it is that our bodies know when babies need to come.

After 48 hours in the hospital, we were discharged and on our way home with our baby boy.

Jackson Reid McArthur
Weight: 6lbs 3oz
Height: 20 inches
Time: 10:19AM

Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25th

Today anniversary of many things I'm sure, including the death of MJ. 

As cool as MJ was, I am going focus on one of the events that actually impacted my life.
Brady returned from him Mexican mission on June 25, 2010.

He served in the Mexico City East mission from 2008-2010.

It is so weird to think he has finally been home as long as he was gone.
I must say that these last two years went by WAY faster compared to the two years he was gone. 
Thank goodness for that. 

It really seems like just yesterday I was standing in the St. George airport waiting for him to come home {getting harassed by everyone that was there}, and forcing Brady to take the extremely awkward picture shown below.

{I have chosen to not be offended that I was clearly more excited to be reunited- even my dad and brother look more excited then Brady in this picture}

On a more serious note, I am so glad that I am married to a man that made the decision to serve a faithful, two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
He rocks.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

"King Me"

Congrats to my number one favorite pro athlete LeBron James and the Miami Heat.
It was an awesome series and ended in the best way possible {with LeBron getting a ring and proving that he is the best player in the NBA}.

Congrats to OKC for making it to the finals and giving the Heat a good fight. It was hard to root against the Thunder, but my love for LeBron won out.

This is the first time the team I wanted the entire season to win it all actually did.. in any sport {The Jazz and BYU ALWAYS let me down}, making this finals even better.

Now that basketball is over it is a good thing the Olympics are right around the corner.... Looking forward to the Summer Games will make suffering through baseball season just a little bit more bearable. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Windy City

My mom and I went to Milwaukee to see my sister's brand new baby and help her pack for the big move to California.
To break up the packing madness we took a day trip to Chicago.
It rocked.

We walked all over the city and found out people in Chicago are just the nicest. On the street {and everywhere we went} we got wished Happy Mothers Day about a billion times, one lady going so far as to bless both my sister and her new baby. We also got a ton of free doughnuts. I love doughnuts. 

We visited Cloud Gate in Millenium Park.

We got an extremely nice, old lady that worked at the museum to give us her membership so we could all three get into the Art Institute of Chicago Museum for free {we (my mom) will do anything not the pay the $18 admission price}. 
It was hilarious.
We LOVED the art museum. 
Mostly because a lot of the paintings we recognized from one of our family's all time favorite games, Masterpiece. 

And  we did A LOT of shopping {I didn't get any pictures of all of our awesome stuff, sorry}.

It was the best day.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


To celebrate my college graduation {finally!} and one year of marriage we decided to kick off the summer by cruising down to Mexico. 

During the semester I would be at school from like one in the afternoon {sue me, I'm not a morning person} to nine at night and Brady would go to school before I woke up and come home around five. Basically, we never got to see each other. 

 It was so nice to get out of Provo and spend some quality time together, just the two of us.

Our activities consisted of...

hanging by the pool

playing mini-golf on the ship

jet skiing and snorkeling in Cabo

looking at pretty views

taking walks around the ports...

...and on the beach

zip lining through the jungle in Puerto Vallarta 

 and lastly, eating MASS AMOUNTS of food, especially chocolate frozen yogurt {for me} and chocolate/vanilla twist frozen yogurt {for Brady}.

Some of our interesting experiences consisted of::

-our dinner table teaching us how to take a water bottle lid off without breaking the seal so we would know how to sneak alcohol onto the ship 
-seeing these signs around every corner {I decided to leave this picture off facebook, but since this is a journal I just had to include it here because it was the cause of at least 50% of our laughter during the vacation}:
-watching the hairy chest contest {sorry, I know everyone is DYING to see a picture, but the only one I took was even more inappropriate than the sign above}
-and getting asked if we wanted to get high in a super creepy voice from at least fifteen Mexican men after we said no to all of the other activities they offered us.

It really was a magical vacation.