Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Rundown

Now that my life is not taken over by papers/presentations/tests I can stop neglecting my blog. 
So this is what we have been up to the past month or so...

1:: City Creek!
I don't know why, but I had been dying to go to this mall for quite some time.
Opening weekend I dragged my friend Ashlyn with me.
It was awesome. Well, I thought so at least. 

{no purchases}

2:: School Mishaps
Let's just say I failed miserably on my capstone presentation. 
I emailed myself an unfinished version of my powerpoint.
The powerpoint I emailed my self included the word "billionssssss" {yes, with every single "s"} in the space where the total cost of the Iraq War was supposed to go.
I talked about the Obama REGIME instead of the Obama Administration.
On a happy note, I am done with school forever!
{graduation post coming soon, because it is too cool to be included in this catch up}

3:: Easter
We went down to St. George for Easter and it rocked.
We went to some awesome family parties.
Participated in the First Annual McArthur Pickleball tournament.
{we lost in the second round, chance and konner took home the trophy}
I got to see my favorite pregnant person {erin}.
We played some games, and went on an extreme Easter egg hunt. 
We got to see some of my favorite children.
We dyed some easter eggs {all ten of Anna's were straight pink}
{max looks terrified, but he love us all, I promise}

{Easter Sunday}

4:: The Nursing Learning Center
After four years, I am done working at the NLC.
Even though the manikins were creepy, 
I will miss it. 

"That's all folks!"

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  1. yay sister! So happy for you, and I totally want to check out that mall!