Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Day

This was probably my most favorite Valentines Day yet.
I just love love.
We actually celebrated on the 13th due to school and work ALLLLL day on actual love day, but it was still the best. 
Here is how we celebrated:

We walked around the mall while we waited to eat..

this is Brady in his FAVORITE store, Forever 21 (said extremely sarcastically)

We went to a late dinner at PF Changs

To end the night we exchanged letters- something that my family has done every year for valentines... (I had this really cool picture of our sweet letters on this post.. but then I realized if you clicked on the picture it was big enough to read the letters. Weird. So I took it down- rant over).

It was perfect! Not to get to lovey... but i can't end this post without saying this: I am so grateful to have Brady as my Valentine this year, and every year! He is so good to me...  I sure am one lucky girl. I love you Brady!


  1. Does Brady love the letters tradition as much as justin? I don't think Justin hates it, but I'm not sure he LOVES it:)