Tuesday, May 22, 2012


To celebrate my college graduation {finally!} and one year of marriage we decided to kick off the summer by cruising down to Mexico. 

During the semester I would be at school from like one in the afternoon {sue me, I'm not a morning person} to nine at night and Brady would go to school before I woke up and come home around five. Basically, we never got to see each other. 

 It was so nice to get out of Provo and spend some quality time together, just the two of us.

Our activities consisted of...

hanging by the pool

playing mini-golf on the ship

jet skiing and snorkeling in Cabo

looking at pretty views

taking walks around the ports...

...and on the beach

zip lining through the jungle in Puerto Vallarta 

 and lastly, eating MASS AMOUNTS of food, especially chocolate frozen yogurt {for me} and chocolate/vanilla twist frozen yogurt {for Brady}.

Some of our interesting experiences consisted of::

-our dinner table teaching us how to take a water bottle lid off without breaking the seal so we would know how to sneak alcohol onto the ship 
-seeing these signs around every corner {I decided to leave this picture off facebook, but since this is a journal I just had to include it here because it was the cause of at least 50% of our laughter during the vacation}:
-watching the hairy chest contest {sorry, I know everyone is DYING to see a picture, but the only one I took was even more inappropriate than the sign above}
-and getting asked if we wanted to get high in a super creepy voice from at least fifteen Mexican men after we said no to all of the other activities they offered us.

It really was a magical vacation.

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