Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Crafted.

Those of you that know me know that I am not way into crafting (yes, I made craft a verb). 
I always have the best intentions to, but crafting just takes so much patience, and I run into so many problems.

Problem 1:: I never know what to make.
Problem 2:: If I do by some miracle think of something I usually quit on cutting out the millionth square, or attempting to sew (or doing whatever meticulous thing the craft requires).

Then along came Pinterest... I am addicted and now have SO many ideas-- problem one has now been solved.

As I was sitting in class last week I began "pinning" (don't worry mom, I was paying VERY close attention to the professor).
Anyways, I decided it was time to stop "pinning" and start crafting.
I talked my old roommate Marsh (aka Jessica McCann) into making a wreath with me last Friday.
Originally I was going to make a cute Valentines wreath, but then I got real.
First, it would probably take me till Valentines Day to finish it.
Second, I probably would not get around to making another wreath for quite a while so I wanted to make something that could stay up pretty much all four seasons.

Marsh is way more crafty and picked a much more ambitious wreath. 
Here is her finished product::

After cutting out a million felt circles problem two began to hit me hard... so hard I almost threw in the towel.
Then my husband came to the rescue and took over the circle cutting.
I have high hopes I will overcome problem two someday.

Thanks to my husband, here is my finished project::

It is not much, but it is a start! 
Maybe I will become more ambitious someday.

Yay for crafting!


  1. Yay for crafting! haha You guys did great. I'm so proud. Also you need to teach me how you did them! They are darling.

  2. Super cute Jess, it looks great, if you feel like it you could make me one sometime, maybe for my birthday! :)