Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Big Two-Two

This year my birthday fell on a good day.
No school, no work... just shopping, eating, and Lebron.

My lovely parents drove up from St. George to spend the day with me. 
Since Friday is not such a good day for Brady (he has school AND work.. lame), my parents and I drove up to Salty City to shop before the Jazz game. 
We went to Ikea, Forever 21, and H&M. 
{Clarification:: My mom and I shopped, and my dad waited in the car (what a gem).}

We then met up with Brady at Crown Burger to grab a bite to eat in preparation to see The King {Lebron James}.
I just love him.

{As if you couldn't tell by the millions of pictures I took}

Other pictures for your viewing enjoyment::

Brady & I watching warm-ups

The Parents

The best part of the game? The Jazz actually WON! 

This is us excited that the Jazz finally won.

I got spoiled this year.

I received::
-Breakfast in bed, a decorated house, my favorite candy, a cute letter, AND coupons made by my amazing husband
-Many, many clothes purchased by my parents
-Tickets to the Jazz vs. Lebron game
-A package from my sister including earrings, a headband, and pictures drawn by Natalie and Becca
-A devine cupcake from Ashlyn
-A crown pillow handsewn from my perfect nephew, Josh
-A darling purse with new wallet inside, and lots of the easter resses {aka the best candy- perfect chocolate to peanut butter ratio} from the in-laws
-Birthday cards from grandparents
-And many, many birthday wishes via calls, texts, in person, and of couse facebook!

Thank you so much to everyone who made my day so amazing!! 
I really do have the best friends and family ever {I am not biased at all}!

I have a feeling my twenty second year of life is going to be a great one.

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  1. i made the blog!! yahoo!! p.s. those 2 pics with your nephew are PRICELESS